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Contact Information:

Damien Kempson

    Damien Kempson
We accept cash, company checks, and money orders.

If tax exempt, please provide current certificate of exemption (ST3).

Please provide a certificate of insurance with KPS Productions listed as additionally insured.

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Rates and Contact Information
Contact Information -
Damien Kempson
Cellphone:  612-860-9656
email Damien Kempson

  $325 a day

               Plus $0.50 per mile portal to portal, gas, generator, run time.                               One time clean/dump charge $35                
               Driver/operator - $200 for the first 10 hours.  After ten hours, $30 per hour.               After 14 hours $40 per hour.

Additional Rental Equipment Rates -

Tables $8 per day
Chairs $1.50 per day
Pop Ups $50 per day